Product Care

Most of your knit pieces from Heartstrings are created with fine, organic fibers, such as angora and alpaca. These fibers should be laundered and used with the most care. 

Unless otherwise noted, handwash all items in cool water with a mild detergent. Only blot spots and stains - do not agitate, or rub vigorously, as this may cause the item to felt. Do not wring or twist. To remove excess water, simply roll in, and gently press item with, a clean, dry towel. Air dry - it's best to lay the item flat to dry. Make sure to shape it appropriately. Once done shaping, leave the item alone until it is completely dry.

I am not responsible for items that are damaged due to improper care. No refunds or exchanges will be issued for damages caused by improper care/handling.


The angora that I use for all of my items that are made from angora, is humanely sourced. It is a luxuriously soft and very, very delicate fiber. It is so delicate, that the strands for your bonnet(s) may separate with very minimal use. This is beyond my control. And it is why I emphasize that you use extra care when using these strands.
The general consensus is that strands are preferred over braids. So, I offer my angora bonnets with strands - I send them to you with strands. I highly recommend braiding them, if you feel concern over how delicate they are. Braiding them will add some strength.
IF any additional strands are needed beyond the initially 4-6 provided on your bonnet, there will be a fee charged.

*Please note that custom-dyed colors, such as mint, may bleed with the first few washes.