Material Ethics

First and foremost, I am an animal lover. You can be sure that the products from Heartstrings are made with the most love. Most of the items I make are created with special fibers, like alpaca and angora. Sometimes I receive messages suggesting that I do my research, because bunnies are harmed in the process of obtaining their fur (for angora). Some people suggest I watch 'those' videos. No thank you. I am very well aware that there are cruel people out there. I do not need to watch a senseless video of people harming these beloved animals, to know that this kind of thing goes on - I'm not naïve about it. But I am here to put your mind at ease- because this has been a top priority of mine. Before I purchase any of my materials, I *always* check where it is coming from. I try my very best to eliminate purchasing fiber/items that come from certain locations. The fibers I use, like alpaca and angora, generally come from Italy and France. I have been in touch with my suppliers, and have done my research. My suppliers have assured me that the fibers they obtain are ethically sourced - the animals are not harmed. Their fur is humanely processed.
I am currently doing more research to find bunny lovers located here in the states - I'd love to support fellow local, small businesses. Hopefully I can find some soon to work with. Until then, you can rest easy knowing that the suppliers I currently use are providing ethically sourced materials/fibers. I pride myself in offering only the best for my customers - I'm using the best of what I've found. And I appreciate those of you who care about the fur babies. ♡